Sunday, 23 March 2014

Easter Makes

I actually made these last year but thought I would share them with you in the run up to Easter this year.

The carrots were so easy to make and my little one loves to play with them in his kitchen as well as feeding them to his collection of stuffed toys and animals.  

They weren't actually my idea, I saw them on Pinterest and tracked the tutorial down to Clare's Craftroom . Thanks for sharing Clare!

Aren't they super sweet?

The eggs were a bit more fiddly to make but still pretty easy and the pattern for those came from Mollie Makes magazine.  They're great fun to play with too or just look pretty in a little Easter dish as a decoration.

Happy sewing and Happy Easter!

Monday, 17 March 2014

2D Shapes Game

Do you remember playing with magnetic or wooden shapes when you were little?

I had a set of wooden shapes in different sizes and colours which could be used to make all sorts of pictures and patterns.

This is my DIY version, which I made for my class recently as we've been learning about shapes.

I started with seven or eight sheets of colourful paper and being very lazy, I cut the shapes out mainly freehand and holding the whole bundle together at the same time!  

The only shape I didn't cut freehand was the circle as I find I can never get a perfect circle, they just get smaller and smaller as I keep cutting, trying to make them perfect.

This pack of paper was from Lidl for £2.  What a bargain!

After cutting the shapes I laminated them.  I have a little laminator at home for doing school bit and pieces (supermarkets sell them for around £10).

Then I made up some ideas cards by creating pictures with the shapes and taking photographs of them.

When the children at school make their own pictures and designs, I'll take photographs of them too and increase the box of ideas cards.

Shapes are great for all sorts of learning including....

Colour and shape recognition

Sorting for size, colour, shape

Making patterns
Making repeating patterns

Creating pictures and art

You can also discuss properties of shapes such as whether they have curved or straight lines, number of sides, corners etc...

Here are some of the other picture card ideas I made.

Repeating patterns
Create pictures

Create art!

Saturday, 8 March 2014

Customised Applique T-shirt

There is a certain (mainly) online shop that I'm sure you'll be aware of, that sells lovely brightly coloured kids clothes and appliqued t-shirts.  

It's an absolute favourite in our house but at £16ish a t-shirt it isn't cheap, so now and again I have a go at making my own colourful creations.

This one I made for the cost of the t-shirt......£1.50!!!  

Not bad, eh?  The quality of the t-shirt remains to be seen after it's had a spin in the washing machine but it feels ok so fingers crossed.

If you want to have a go at making your own, you will also need some scraps of fabric and some Bondaweb. 

First of all trace your picture onto the Bondaweb using a pencil (draw on the paper side)

Roughly cut the shapes - don't be too precise as it can get fiddly.

Iron the Bondaweb onto the fabric - mesh side down and iron the paper.  Make sure it adheres well.

Now cut out the shapes carefully and then remove the paper backing.

Place the shapes onto your t-shirt and then iron on when you are happy with their position.

Now you can sew them in place, either by hand or machine to ensure they stay on.  I used a very small stitch for these stars, you could also use a zig-zag.

That's all there is to it, just give the t-shirt another little press and you're good to go.  

You can use the same technique on cushions and bags too!

Sunday, 2 March 2014

Paintless Painting

We love paint in our house but sometimes do a bit of paintless painting too.

It's a great way for little hands to experiment with mark making and all you need is a little tub of water, some coloured sugar paper and a paintbrush if you like or even just their hands.

My little one just wanted to get his hands stuck in and make some marks on the paper, he wasn't too bothered about using a brush.

Older children could use a brush to paint pictures or make patterns.

Coloured sugar paper is good because the water soaks in really quickly, turning the paper darker and leaves good marks. 

We picked up our big pad of sugar paper (in different colours) in the pound shop.  It's thin, but perfect for this activity - just make sure you put something underneath it just incase the dye runs out and damages your surface.

In the summer you can use the same technique on paving slabs, but of course it dries out really quickly in the sun - even more fun!