Friday, 23 May 2014

Fresh New Peg Bag for Summer

A fresh new peg bag for summer!

Fresh and New!
I don't actually mind hanging out washing as it means it must be a good dry day with the possibility of some sun too...the best kind of days for me.

My other peg bag has been left out all winter.  
In fact it might actually be two or three winters now so it's a bit faded and tired looking, so here's a fresh, new and clean updated version using one of my favourite Cath Kidston fabrics with a lovely blue spotty lining, some ric-rac and pom pom trim for fun.

Let's hope for a fabulous summer!

Old grotty and faded....
.....but it was once lovely and new too!

Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Construction Site Small World

Today we were inspired when reading our Hide and Seek book to make our own construction site.  The construction page is Monty's favourite in the book and the one he always goes straight to.

So we gathered up some building blocks, pebbles construction vehicles and a big piece of yellow fabric to represent the sand.  We could easily put all this stuff in the sand pit too which would be loads of fun but as we were playing inside today, this was far less messy.

We also found some tools and signs to add to make it all even more realistic.
When he is a bit bigger we can make our own signs and traffic cones too.

This was great fun and very quick to set up and you'll notice that he was keen to add his own touch - did you spot the large car transporter in the middle?!

Monday, 5 May 2014

Flower Chalkboard

I sort of pinched this idea from our nursery class at school.

I was visiting one day and noticed they had a chalkboard for each group where they recorded the children's plans and ideas for learning.  Then staff could just take a photo of the ideas on the chalkboard to keep as evidence before wiping clean to start anew - yes us teachers seem to have to provide soooooo much evidence!!

When I looked for the chalkboards online, they proved to be a bit pricey - outwith the reach of our current funds in school.  And after mentioning it to one of the staff at school, she offered her husband's jig-saw cutting skills and here we are....

A flower shaped chalkboard!

He cut the flower shape from MDF - and I simply painted it with a couple of tester pots and some chalkboard paint.  The actual size of the flower is approx 80x80cm and the stem is a further 70cm so it's quite large.

I think I will have to ask someone - maybe our caretaker - to put a hole in the top so I can hang it up as it might be a bit wobbly just standing on the floor.

Super pleased with it and just what I was looking for!