Sunday, 27 July 2014

Linen Bear

I started making this cute, old looking bear ages ago, like over a year ago maybe and just never got around to finishing it. 

He/she (?) really just needed a face and a little bow so why I didn't bother, I have no idea!

Anyway.....little one saw him sitting on a shelf in my sewing room this morning and asked for him to be brought down.  

He has taken quite a shine to him so while he's been napping this afternoon, I gave the little chap a proper face and bow and he's sitting, on a chair waiting for my little one to waken up and find him!

If you want to make him, I think (?) it might be a Tilda pattern and can check up on that if you want me to.

Oh, I think I can hear someone wakening up!

Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Toddler Bed Set

My little one has loved snuggling up to sleep in a sleeping bag since he was tiny but he's getting too big now - even though the label says it suits up to three years and he's only recently turned two!

So, time for a big boy bed and a duvet and why not throw in a pillow too!

I haven't even really looked around at duvet covers in the shops yet, I just fancied making my own. 

So I gathered up lots of scraps and bits I had lying around - mostly in my favourite spotty prints and colours.  

I knew I wanted splashes of colour but the cover to be predominantly white.  

I took some measurements and then made a rough pattern for the coloured strips and then tore up some more white strips from a supermarket sheet....then started stitching it all together, topstitching each panel to secure in place.

Once all the pieces were stitched together I cut out a backing piece from the white sheet and attached that too.  I put three little bits of Velcro along the bottom to close the cover up.

Then I used more of the white sheet to make a pillow case and trimmed it in co-ordinating colours.

He LOVES it and I'm quite pleased too!

Monday, 21 July 2014

Summer Flower Fun

The weather here has been gorgeous over the last few weeks and that combined with our summer break means that the sewing and making side of things has pretty much come to a standstill over the last few weeks.
But we've still been busy playing and having fun.

Today we found some petals lying on the grass that had fallen off some beautiful pinky-red roses so we decided to pick them up and then collect some more flowers from around the garden and float them in some water.  

The colours are fabulous don't you think?  They just say summer!

Anyway, little one poked, prodded, dunked and sailed the flowers along like little boats before watering them and then decided that they needed some company and added a couple of ducks and a shark.  

Well why not?  

They need water too, right?!