Friday, 8 August 2014

Dolls House Makeover

It's finished at last!  Well, it's as finished as it's going to be.  
This dolls house has been taking up too much room in my house for the last few months and as school starts back next week, this is where is will be heading, so I HAD to get it finished.

I'm fairly pleased with it and have to admit it does look much more modern, clean and inviting but having spent literally no money on the makeover, it is somewhat lacking in detail such as accessories, lighting etc for the rooms.  However, it does have the basic furniture - I guess you could call it minimalist!

If you want to see the house in detail before I started click here 

I'm sure you will agree, it was quite depressing.

Bedroom with paper bunting
As I explained in that post I pulled out the broken windows, scraped up the carpets, ripped off the wallpaper and coated everything in white paint.  

Second bedroom with printed rug and wall art
Then I printed some pretty paper and glued it to the walls (this was the only cost involved).

Simple kitchen with large printed clock
I painted the furniture and made colourful covers from scraps and then finished the rooms with some paper rugs and art which were also glued down.  

Most of these I printed from the Ikea website!

Colourful lounge is so much brighter!

I'm glad it's done.  I wondered about curtains, window boxes and so on but I've spent enough time on it for now - it needs to go back!

I painted the front a beige/cream colour
with white trim and grey roof

Have to admit though, I saw a dolls house on Gumtree a while back complete with loads of furniture and had to have it....'s currently in the loft waiting for a makeover for my little one, possibly for this Christmas or next?  

We will see. 

Left side of the house


Right side of the house

Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Rosemary and Lavender Scented Playdough

I cut back the rosemary bush in my garden yesterday and have an absolute stack of it!  I'm planning to dry it and then store it or maybe even freeze some but there's just soooooo much of it.

So this morning - a grey day - we decided to make playdough au natural and add some fragrant rosemary to it.  

We ended up with rosemary trees and some pebbles around the playdough and then also added some lavender from the garden.  It smells delicious! 

Then we added some animals and little one had a great time moving the animals about, pummeling, rolling and squishing the playdough and rearranging the trees and pebbles.

He was absorbed in this for a whole hour!  
What a hit!

If you want to make playdough you can do so in a couple of minutes.....

1 cup flour
1/2 a cup salt
1 teaspoon cream of tartar
1 tablespoon oil
1 cup boiling water

Mix it all up and add whatever you like - colour, glitter, scent etc

Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Change Bag Pouch

This is the second changing pouch I have made and only really made this one as I left the other one behind at my sister's house last week and didn't realise how much I would miss it!

It holds all our changing bits and pieces and other essentials in one place, making them super easy to find instead of rummaging around the many pockets in the change bag.

This time though, I put an extra little pouch pocket inside the bag to hold tubes of cream, plasters, and sachets of paracetamol - after somebody asked me if I had any paracetamol and I just about tipped out the contents of my bag to find it!

It seals up nice and easily with a simple strip of Velcro.

The initial idea came from Simple Sewing for Baby by Lotta Jansdotter, although I have put my own touch to it by fully lining the bag and added a little pocket inside.  

This is a fabulous book and I would totally recommend it.  I've made many of the ideas or at least adapted them for my own use and they are super simple!

Best of all, little one is loving the camper van print.