Thursday, 22 January 2015

Collage Snowmen

I love this activity, it's so much fun and because you don't actually glue anything in place you can keep changing the snowman time and time again.

To make it you will just need a few bits of ribbon and buttons and something for the snowman's body and hats.  

I used craft felt and foam but you could easily use circles of card and I've also seen cotton pads being used.

We also collected twigs from the garden for his arms and used googly eyes from our craft stash.

He's been built on top of turquoise paper because it's a lovely colour and shows everything up well!

Snowy Houses

I made this little snowy play scene in  just a few minutes using toilet tubes, paper cake cases, cotton wool and a black marker....and of course I threw in a handful of sparkly snowflakes.  
Little one has had fun whizzing his cars all around this little village.

Saturday, 10 January 2015

Cute Dribble Bibs

I haven't managed to do much sewing for a while now as it's just impossible to find the time to think about what to make never mind actually getting out all the stuff I need, so I was rather pleased to whip these cute dribble bibs up last night super quickly.  They are sooooo quick and easy to do!

I have made similar in the past but used toweling for the back/lining, which I found a bit thick so this time I thought I would try cotton muslin which has worked really well.

I actually just cut up a muslin square - they're so cheap to pick up in the supermarkets and it means the bib is absorbent but not too bulky and I used Velcro to fasten the bibs at the back. 

Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Colourful Ice Play

We've frozen things in ice before, I think Halloween was the last time, so something a little different and super colourful this time.

We put buttons, reels and Duplo blocks into a couple of tubs and then froze them overnight.

When we took them out the freezer we loved the colours shining through the ice ......... 

 ..........and we had great fun chipping away at it with a fork and spoon and of course our fingers to release the objects as the ice melted. 

The fun thing about this activity is that we could keep going back to it over a couple of hours as the ice block melted .........

and if we do it again, we'll just choose different things to put in a different container and have a whole new experience! 

My Little One's Favourite Character - Soft Toys

We only discovered Bing Bunny a couple of months ago but my little boy absolutely loves him!

If you haven't seen Bing yet, he's a 3 year old little bunny character who has a couple of very special friends.  The simple storylines include making smoothies, blowing bubbles and having a go on a high slide for the first time - all things a little one can easily relate to.

At the moment there is nothing 'Bing' to buy, not even a DVD, so I thought I would have a go at making my own version of this cute character for Christmas.  

I just made my own simple paper pattern and not long after that I discovered that the makers of Bing have released their own pattern for crafters to use!  

Not to worry, it was too late for me as I'd already started.

I just made a simple outline shape for this soft toy. If I had more time I would have sourced a proper teddy bear type pattern and adjusted it accordingly.

I handstitched to face and ear detail as it just seemed easier to do, being quite fiddly.

It also meant I could sit in front of the TV when the little ones went to bed - a bit of a treat!

I finished him off with his trademark green t-shirt and red dungarees and of course his own little superhero comforter and friend:  Hoppity Voosh!  

My little one was rather pleased to see them both on Christmas morning!

Polar Bears in the Snow

Happy New Year!

It's been a crazy-busy couple of months with the arrival of our little girl and so time has been quite limited for crafty things, but we have still been busy with lots of simple play ideas.

We've used the polar bears before with blocks of ice but this time we set up a little small world scene using a baking tray covered in foil, some pebbles and shaving foam.  We also (later)added silver confetti snowflakes for added fun.

The polar bears look quite at home and this little activity was enjoyed well too as it was played with for a couple of days in a row.