Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Ice Cream Shop

Back in the warmer days of summer we turned our little play house into an ice cream shop and had some imaginative fun.

Twist some paper into cone shapes and tape together, then scrunch up some colourful tissue paper for the ice cream, add some coins and a menu and the shop's open!

Not only is this activity great for role play, it's also perfect for early counting skills.

Sweet Baby Bunting

I don't normally take orders to sew for people as I really don't have time - and there's always the worry that something goes wrong or they don't like the finished product.
However, now and again it can be fun, especially when it means making bunting as cute as this for tiny newborns.

It does take a little extra time than usual to personalise but it definitely makes it more special.

Sunshine Sparkle Playdough

Hello!  It's months since I wrote anything at all.  Life is certainly busy with two little ones.  I've been looking back at posts and really enjoying/remembering things I made or things we've done so I want to keep trying to post.

Today I'm posting some sun-shiny playdough that we made on a really dull, wet day back in the summer to cheer us up.

Add yellow food colouring to a basic playdough recipe and then lots of sparkly gold bits and pieces. 

It certainly cheered our day!