Friday, 31 May 2013

Fabric Numbers

I made these for my little one's room to hang like bunting and just to look pretty but they will also serve a useful purpose as he grows up. 

Ordering Numbers

For now they just decorate his room and familiarise him with number shapes but in time to come they can be used for a whole load of number games including ordering, find the missing number, identifying odd/even numbers and using the numerals together to make new numbers.  

There are endless other possibilities that they can be used for but I'll come back to that when the time comes!

Find the Missing Numbers
Odd Numbers
Even Numbers
Combine Numerals to Make New Numbers

If you want to have a go this is what I did....

I cut out paper templates and simply drew around them with a pencil onto different coloured squares of cotton fabric (the wrong way round so you don't see the pencil marks).  The reason for the squares is that it's far easier to sew around the number shape and then cut it out.  I sandwiched some wadding in the middle to make the numbers a bit firmer.  After I stitched them I cut them out with pinking shears.  That's it!  
You can use the same idea to make letters and names too.


  1. love these numbers! going to make something like this for my classroom maths area, i could make classroom resources all day!!

  2. These are lovely and very useful! Happy sewing and teaching. Alli