Saturday, 13 July 2013

Play House Makeover

The play house is complete!!....Well, phase one is anyway, if you can call it that! 

Here's the before shot in the previous owner's garden (we bought it second-hand on Gumtree).

...and here's the after shot...

The outside has been painted blue and white and spruced up with some bunting, curtains, cushions and some tinkly wind chimes.  
I'm rather pleased with it and little one just loves it too.

I spray painted the plastic roof tiles grey and painted the rest with Ronseal wood paint.  The interior was painted white to lighten and freshen it up.

I added some comfy cushions for sitting under the pergola on the little seat, and some bunting around the window.

The little sink has some carrots in it that I made a while back.

Here is the front door with a
little curtain at the window.

Bunting at the window.

His favourite wind chimes - I think these cost about £1 in Asda!
The other bunting is strung across the window panel that can be used as a puppet theatre or a shop in time to come - he's still too young at the moment, but the curtains are all ready for a puppet show when he is.

Phase two will be the interior of the play house but I'm going to do that a little bit at a time as Monty grows up and we'll add utensils, a washing line and groceries for a shop or puppets for the puppet theatre and other things like that.

At the moment he loves playing at the little water tray and taking the sink in and out of its space.  He also likes to sit in the seat at the front of the house under the pergola.

It's been hard work but I was determined to get it finished so it could be used as much as possible in this good weather we're having and it's been worth it as he absolutely loves it!


  1. love it! have shared on my FB page too :)

    1. Thank you! It's the start of a project that will take a couple of years to work on as we play and add to it as we go. Yours was the inspiration!