Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Felt Pictures

Remember Fuzzy Felts? 

I used to love creating my own pictures with the little cut out bits of felt.  The box used to
contain really simple shapes, with silhouettes of different animals and objects but as time went on the shapes became more complex with printed pictures on top of the felt.  

I thought this spoiled Fuzzy Felts and discouraged creativity and imagination a little bit.  Would you agree?

I notice there is a 60th anniversary box available at the moment and it has gone back to basics with simple shapes. 

The blurb says....

Fuzzy-Felt encourages co-ordination, recognition, counting, sorting and storytelling 

Sounds good to me!

Anyway, all this just to share with you my DIY felt board and shapes with an autumn theme. Have a go!

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