Monday, 23 September 2013

Woodland Puppets

We were reading The Gruffalo today and I suddenly remembered some puppets I made a while back for my class when we spent a few weeks working on a Gruffalo theme.

They loved playing with them at the time and put on little shows for each other from behind the puppet theatre I have in the class, reciting the very familiar lines from the story and retelling the story in their own way.

So I went searching for them today and here they are!  

Made up from scraps I had lying around the house.  I  should also to thank my (then) teaching partner for throwing a few bits and pieces my way.

They were easy enough to make and - if you can find suitable scraps - free!!

I took a picture of the paper patterns I drew so you can see how simple they are.  But for some strange reason I noticed that although I have four patterns and four puppets, I have a fox pattern but a mouse puppet.  

Can't remember quite how that happened but maybe I'll get around to making a fox soon!

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