Saturday, 5 October 2013

Gift for a new baby

I've been so busy with work and just being a mum recently that I haven't had much time to do any sewing at all.  

But when a new little one comes into the world it's always nice to make a wee homemade something. 

Before my little one was born I made a couple of hotch potch changing mats and then when he started on solids I rustled up a few colourful bibs - both have been extremely useful and have washed really well, so this is my useful and practical gift to another little brand new bundle.....

Both the changing mat and bib have cotton print on one side and towelling on the other. The towelling is soft and cosy for a changing mat and for a bib it absorbs well. 

Initially I cut up some unused cheap spare towels I had in the house as they were a lighter weight than more expensive ones, therefore easier to sew and not too bulky.  They worked well, so now I make sure I pick up a couple now and again as they're handy to have. Ikea and most supermarkets have a value range.

The mat is finished with a little red lace and white ric rac and the bib fastens with Velcro.

Hope the new mummy likes them.

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