Sunday, 27 October 2013

Toddler Owl Costume

I had already put this old jacket in the recycling bag when I decided to pull it out and try to change it into something else......

......and this is the result - a cute owl Halloween costume for my (almost) 18 month old. 

I started with the jacket and cut off part of the front panels and also made the pleat at the bag a little bigger to bring the jacket in.  
The sleeves were short anyway so I didn't touch them at all.

I searched in the house for suitable fabric for the feathers but couldn't find much so bought a couple of packs of pillowslips and cut them up into feather shapes.

Then I just tacked them onto the sleeves.  The jacket ties with two short lengths of ribbon.  
But the jacket still looked too long so I cut quite a bit of the length off and curved the front edges to look more like a cape.

To complete it I cut some fleece for the hat the same width as a hat he already has and then cut two big circles and two smaller circles from the pillowslip fabric and tacked them on.  Then I stitched on the buttons that were originally on the jacket to complete the eyes. Then I just cut a triangle from yellow felt.  
I finished the hat with some feathery ears.

And here he is!  It was almost impossible to get a decent picture so I'm going to try again in the daylight although I don't think he'll stay very still.
Super cute!!

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