Sunday, 26 January 2014

Circles Blanket

Wow I actually finished this blanket!  

I started it way back in the summer and finally managed to get it finished just before Christmas. 

I was absolutely determined to get it done partly because it was taking up so much space in my sewing area but also because little one was beginning to need a bigger nap time blanket.

So here it is and I'm so happy with the bright, cheery colours. 

It's so plain and clean looking and completely unfussy, just the way I like things....and it's also simple enough to still suit his room in years to come - you know what I mean?  
It's not a babyish quilt, it's just...colourful!!!

So to make it I just cut a load of white squares and then some colourful circles in all different sizes.  I laid them all out on the floor to see how it would look and when I was happy with the size and way it looked I appliqued the circles onto the white squares and then stitched all the squares together.

That was the quick bit!  The bit that took all the time was me deciding that I would hand stitch around each circle in a contrasting bright colour to hold the front and back together and make it look a bit more quilt-like (I'm definitely NOT a quilter!!  I often just cut things about the right size, I don't have the patience that a proper quilter needs!).

Once all that was finally done, I finished the edges with bias. 

Phew.  So glad to see it finished and I think it looks lovely in his room and more to the point he LOVES snuggling into it at nap time!

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