Monday, 20 January 2014

Zip Pouch Bag

Recently at work I've been struggling to get my hands on things right when I need them...pencils, highlighters, sharpeners etc so I decided last week it was time to make myself a little pencil case so all my essentials are right at hand when I need them.  I think the last time I had a pencil case must have been at university, so that's going back a while?!

Anyway, I got this lovely notebook for Christmas and it's been sitting on a shelf waiting to be used, just sitting there looking all pretty with those colourful hearts that I just can't resist, so there was the inspiration for the bag - hearts!

I cut the hearts freehand so they're all different sizes and the best thing about them was that I raided the scrap bag and managed to find all these lovely bright colours without cutting into more fabric.

The lining is bright pink and the zip is red and to finish it I tied a little loop of ribbon through the zip with some colourful beads.

This week at work I'm going to have everything all in one colourful little place, yeah!!

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