Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Colour and number play mat

Using buttons to sort and match colours
My little one is just beginning to talk about colours and knows some colour names, although is not yet applying them appropriately, instead he usually calls everything green!

However, he is very good at colour matching so I've made this play mat so he can collect and sort coloured objects and in time he will be able to name them correctly too.

He loves playing with buttons as most little ones do and this selection of different shapes, colours, tones and sizes is perfect for lots of sorting activities.

You could also try a random selection of bits from around the house and put them together in a little basket, like this.....

Provide a selection of colourful objects

Sort the objects onto the appropriate coloured square

So that's one side of the mat but what about the reverse side?  

It seemed a shame to have just a plain backing on it so I thought some numbers might be nice to provide counting opportunities.

I cut and stitched numbers 1-5, each in their own box so we can count out objects.  

In the photographs you will see we used discs for counting but you could easily use buttons, cars, shells, pom poms etc, whatever you like!

We used discs for counting but you could
use shells, buttons, pom poms,

To make the mat I cut and stitched colourful scraps cut into squares to make a mat roughly A3 size and then cut a large plain piece for the back.

Onto the plain piece I stitched some ric rac ribbon to divide the mat into 5 sections and then appliqued some bright numbers.

To complete the mat, stitch right sides together, turn through and slip stitch the opening closed.

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