Wednesday, 7 January 2015

My Little One's Favourite Character - Soft Toys

We only discovered Bing Bunny a couple of months ago but my little boy absolutely loves him!

If you haven't seen Bing yet, he's a 3 year old little bunny character who has a couple of very special friends.  The simple storylines include making smoothies, blowing bubbles and having a go on a high slide for the first time - all things a little one can easily relate to.

At the moment there is nothing 'Bing' to buy, not even a DVD, so I thought I would have a go at making my own version of this cute character for Christmas.  

I just made my own simple paper pattern and not long after that I discovered that the makers of Bing have released their own pattern for crafters to use!  

Not to worry, it was too late for me as I'd already started.

I just made a simple outline shape for this soft toy. If I had more time I would have sourced a proper teddy bear type pattern and adjusted it accordingly.

I handstitched to face and ear detail as it just seemed easier to do, being quite fiddly.

It also meant I could sit in front of the TV when the little ones went to bed - a bit of a treat!

I finished him off with his trademark green t-shirt and red dungarees and of course his own little superhero comforter and friend:  Hoppity Voosh!  

My little one was rather pleased to see them both on Christmas morning!

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