Monday, 20 April 2015

Felt Circles Lampshade

I'm not the most adventurous when it comes to buying key items for my home.  I tend to stick to plain colours and that often means white.  Some may think that's a bit boring but it means it's always easy to change a few bits and pieces and update a look quite easily.

I was looking for a new lampshade and couldn't find much that I liked that didn't cost a fortune so opted for this large white one - yep, creature of habit!  Nothing wrong with it though....I like the shape and size and it does the job perfectly well.

But just to add a little bit of something to it I thought I would add some colourful felt circles.....random sizes and colours all stitched together in one big chain and then draped around the light shade.
It's now hanging in our playroom and ties in well with the spotty pictures and colourful stripy rug. And the great thing is that if I get fed up with this, it's easy to change it again to something else.


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