Saturday, 22 June 2013

Fabric Fabric Fabric.....

Just had a quick tidy up of all the bits of fabric in my little work space and  have tried to balance things as best I can on the shelf.  
I was surprised with how little pink there is now compared to everything else.  I used to buy loads of pink and I'm still very tempted when I see it....but who am I buying it for - I don't have any girls and my niece has grown out of the pink stage!

I'm finding it really difficult to get nice fabrics for boys, most of it has robots, dinosaurs or vehicles, which I'm not that keen on, whereas the girly prints are full of beautiful flowers and butterflies.  

So as a result I seem to have been buying plain coloured rainbow brights and trying to get creative with them instead.  I bought some a while back with the intention of making a quilt.  

I haven't actually started it yet so that could be the next project.  

Here's one I made for my nephew last Christmas.  The quality of the pic isn't that great but you get the idea.  
I think it'll be roughly the same but white instead of blue.

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