Thursday, 20 June 2013

Quiet Book is complete!

I managed to get the book all finished tonight and thought I would share it.   
Although I've been calling it a 'quiet book', in the end I thought a 'busy book' was more appropriate as I hope it'll keep Monty busy, not necessarily quiet!

 I tied the pages together loosely with ribbon as I had planned at first but it was just going to come apart really easily so I put in a few stitches down the spine to hold it all together which works better.....and if I make more pages in the future, which I probably will, they will need to be in a whole new book. 

The book is for a 1 year old so it's mainly a mixture of colour, pattern and texture - nice things for him to look at and touch.  
When he's a bit bigger I will try to dream up more challenging pages!

Bunting flags, lots of buttons, felt circles and flowers
Velcro rip tape in bright colours and a mixture of feathers, ribbons and pom poms
Beads on strings - abacus style and a shiny page with lots of silver textures

I decided not to include the 'I Spy' page as once the objects and rice were in the pocket it was way too heavy so I'll finish that off on it's own and post it soon.

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