Sunday, 11 August 2013

Wooden Building Blocks

Here are some home made wooden blocks I 'made' - for free!
Well, sort of free.

We had some small offcuts of wood leftover recently when we had some new decking built in our garden. 
Rather than throw the bits away I asked the builder to cut them into smaller blocks and then I sanded down the rough edges.  

  There are only a few blocks just now but there is a good variety of long and short and they are much larger than traditional building blocks.

They can stay in the garden for outdoor play and I might even ask the builder to save any other bits he might have so we can keep adding to our set of blocks.... not bad for free!


  1. great idea, we are hopefully doing a reno next year so I will be asking our builder to save lots for me too!

  2. Ha ha, hate seeing anything going to waste!