Sunday, 24 November 2013

Reindeer Hobby Horse

I've been wanting to make this hobby reindeer for a year or two now but there wasn't really anyone to make it for, but now that Monty is up and about it seemed the perfect time!

It actually turned out a little bit smaller than I had imagined it would be but I'm really pleased him and I can't believe how quick he was to sew up.

I love this fabric and wish I had bought's so festive and warm looking.  

The pattern and instructions for making it are in this Tilda book but I have also spotted similar pattern sheets on Pinterest.

To get an idea of size, I bought a broom handle in B&Q and just cut it in half so the pole is approx 60cm and the reindeer is roughly 80cm high.

I'll be keeping him for December 1st and I hope he will become a Christmas favourite that can be brought out year after year. 

Even when Monty is too big for him, I'm sure he will still make a lovely Christmas decoration.

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