Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Messy Play - Shaving Foam

As an early years teacher I've used shaving foam loads of times, but this is the first time I've tried it with little one.  

He's 18 months now and still tasting anything I give him so I was keen to see how he might react with this!  

Needless to say he had a quick taste and then didn't bother again.

Shaving foam is so cheap - less than 30p a can if you buy the cheap supermarket stuff.

 I sprayed a bit of it in a tray and sat him in the high chair at the dining table, it can be messy but it's really easy to clean up.

At first he wasn't too sure but after a few little prods he had his hands in the foam and completely covered.

I gave him a couple of spoons and little cups to play with and we discovered that if you turn the cup upside down into the foam and try to pull it back up, it creates a vacuum, so it's hard to do but when you do manage to pull it up it makes a great noise!

Next time we'll maybe try some little polar bears and go for an arctic theme - a lovely experience for older toddlers too.

My children at school also love to write and draw in the foam and if you add a little glitter it gives it some Christmas sparkle!

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