Saturday, 15 February 2014

Dolls House Makeover

This sorry sight for a dolls house has been languishing in my classroom for a while now.  

At the beginning of the year it was sitting on a table top looking a bit sad but for the past few weeks it's been downgraded to the floor where it has been pretty much ignored.

I've looked at it and wondered about it a couple of times these past few months but yesterday I actually lifted it and loaded it into my car with the intention of giving it a makeover!

It's actually quite a nice size and shape with decent rooms but the inside is a bit depressing and the windows are all smashed.

It's not going to be a mega restoration with loads of dosh lavished on it though unfortunately.  

It will have to be a quick fix with some fresh paint and maybe a few soft furnishings? 

I'm not sure yet but watch this space....the filthy dolls are currently in the washing machine with some heavy duty stain remover to see if they can be salvaged!

It's a week on and so far I've managed to spray paint the roof grey and paint the outdoor walls a creamy white.
The roof has been spray painted 
 Both colours were leftover paint I had from my playhouse makeover last summer - remember this is a makeover for my classroom so I am trying to do it for next to nothing!

You will also notice that I pulled out the window panels, they were yellowed from the sun and also very brittle which made them sharp and difficult to remove.  The house looks so much better without them!

The living room carpet came out without a problem but the red one on the upper floor was absolutely stuck down and wasn't going to budge.  I discovered on a forum that if I used a hairdryer on it, the glue would melt and peel away, but this didn't work so I pondered for a while and then wondered if nail polish remover might work. 


As you can see I've had to scrape but it's come away really easily. I've still to see if I'll be able to paint on top of it, but if not I can stick down paper flooring.

The only other thing I did this week was peel the brown felt covering off the chairs - better already?!

That's the update for now!


  1. ooh exciting, looks like a great dollhouse for a reno, can't wait to see your pics!

  2. Thanks Megan, exciting but not sure where to start!

  3. OMG, I just had a look at your dolls house - it looks AMAZING!!! Mine isn't going to look anything like as fab as that, I just don't have the time - I'm definitely going for a quick fix!!