Wednesday, 26 February 2014

3 Little Ducks

Today we are playing with ducks, I'm not sure why little yellow ducks feel spring like, but they just do and let's face it this has been a long, wet gloomy winter and we could do with some bright yellow to cheer us up and make us think of spring.  Don't you think?

Ducks are lots of fun in the bath and for water play so for a change we've taken them out of the water and set them up on some shimmery blue fabric with some pebbles around the edge and some shredded tissue 'reeds' for them to hide in.

Lots of fun and no wet floor!

Learning opportunities include (depending on the stage of development)....

counting the ducks or pebbles
singing songs (3 little ducks, Old MacDonald)
talking about colours and textures
making repeating patterns with the pebbles
and of course role playing different scenarios

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