Sunday, 2 March 2014

Paintless Painting

We love paint in our house but sometimes do a bit of paintless painting too.

It's a great way for little hands to experiment with mark making and all you need is a little tub of water, some coloured sugar paper and a paintbrush if you like or even just their hands.

My little one just wanted to get his hands stuck in and make some marks on the paper, he wasn't too bothered about using a brush.

Older children could use a brush to paint pictures or make patterns.

Coloured sugar paper is good because the water soaks in really quickly, turning the paper darker and leaves good marks. 

We picked up our big pad of sugar paper (in different colours) in the pound shop.  It's thin, but perfect for this activity - just make sure you put something underneath it just incase the dye runs out and damages your surface.

In the summer you can use the same technique on paving slabs, but of course it dries out really quickly in the sun - even more fun!

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