Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Incy Wincy Spider Play Set

Well, you should have seen the enormous spider that came scuttling across the floor the other morning in our house and a glass was not enough to cover it.  

I even had to call on hubbie for assistance and a cereal bowl, to cover it.  Gosh they are HUGE this year.

So, in-keeping with the recent spider theme, here is the latest Incy Wincy Spider play set.

Super easy to make from felt: I cut a drainpipe, sun, rain cloud and of course a cheery little spider with eight ribbon legs.  

And as we have looking at and talking about webs so much recently, I also added a sparkly web made from silver ribbon, which the spider apparently likes to hide under.

We've had great fun playing with this little set, I wonder which rhyme I could tackle next?

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