Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Festive Paper Garland

Oh dear, I haven't been feeling too excited about our Christmas tree this year over the last few days.
We have beautiful decorations that I've been collecting for many years now and they are mostly silver, shiny, mirrored etc....but for some reason this year, the tree just looked lifeless and flat so I decided to spruce it up with some colour on the spur of the moment and I'm pleased to say it's now looking so much more vibrant!

Red and pink felt garland

I bought some really cheap sparkly and colourful decorations at the supermarket today (and mixed them with my more precious ones!) and then added a felt garland I made a few years ago that was hanging in my bedroom.  

Then I decided to make a paper garland combining the colours of the decorations.

The paper garland honestly took 15 mins to make and I used scraps of paper I had (I never throw away anything!)  I drew around a little tub of sequins, about 3-4cm diameter and then folded and cut about 4 circles at a time in various colours.  Then you just start sewing, leaving a little gap between the circles. 

Here it is!  How easy is that!

The tree is looking better, but it's still work in progress, I think maybe some paper pom poms will be next or I'll see if I can get some bargains in the sales.  Will I stick with colour or be back to classic silver next year?

Merry Christmas!!

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